History of Warrington Rotary Foundation

In 1991 Dr. George “Rusty” Bullock, a long time Warrington Rotarian, had an idea about providing scholarships to local high school seniors who planned on continuing their education.

He enlisted the help of Rotarians Ernie Knight and Peter Clayton.  After many meetings and advice from attorneys it was decided to create a 501c3 charity.  By Laws were written and a corporation created (Warrington Rotary Foundation Inc.).  The founding concept was threefold, award scholarships primarily on a student’s record of community service, only to use investment income for scholarships and try to have the Rotary name touch as many students (and families) as possible.

Early fundraising was kind of hit and miss, but our first scholarships of $300 were given to two high school seniors in 1992.  Fundraising with the help of all club members (and a series of very successful professionally run art auctions) boosted the capital of the foundation.

Unfortunately our founder Rusty passed away all too soon, but his foresight and legacy lives on through “his” foundation and the awarding of a Founders Scholarship in his name.  Additionally other past Rotarians are memorialized with named scholarships.

Our existence became better known among local high schools and we found ourselves with 20 to 30 applicants and rewarding 10 to 12 scholarships of $1,000 each per year.  Over the years we have given away almost 170 scholarships totaling about $158,000.

Rotary Scholarships

2021 Scholarships

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2020 Scholarship Winners

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2019 Scholarship Winners

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