I Like Me! is a personalized program for children that helps children build their self-esteem and character as well as helps them develop early learning and reading skills. The I Like Me! Program is highly acclaimed by parents, teachers, administrators and sponsors.
The Warrington Rotary implemented the I Like Me! Program in schools throughout the Warrington Township community in 2006. Each year, the rotary gifts each child in every kindergarten class at Barclay Elementary School, Mill Creek Elementary School, Titus Elementary School, and St. Joseph/St. Robert School with their own personalized story book. Each book contains the child’s name, their school, their teacher, and the names of two of their friends.

The books are delivered personally by a member of the Warrington Rotary. That member reads aloud one of the books to the students to introduce the program. The book read aloud belongs to the student in the class who needs more encouraging and confidence. Hearing their story read aloud is exciting and the chosen student often opens up and participates more during the reading.  


The I Like Me! Program is one of the highlights of the school year for kindergartners as many have older siblings who still have their personalized books and they can’t wait to receive their own! These personalized books are cherished keepsakes and are encouraged to be used at home as well as within the classroom to help build up the youth of the Warrington community.