The I Like Me! program is a research-based, personalized program for children preschool through grade two and was developed to:

  • Instill a love of reading.
  • Foster positive self-concept.
  • Create positive associations toward school and learning. 
  • Help build character.
  • Encourage positive and acceptable behavior mannerisms.
  • Promote interaction among children, parents, educators, businesses and other positive facets of the community.
Warrington Rotary provides a personalized copy of the acclaimed I Like Me book for each Kindergarten Student in Warrington Township elementary schools.  With the help of the classroom teacher, a Rotary member distributes a book to each student, then reads the book with them.
  Warrington Rotary President-Elect Bob Mallon reads I Like Me to students
Teacher Comment:

Titus would like to thank Mr. Bob Mallon for another great memory with the Warrington Rotary and the "I Like Me" Books.

The magic of being 5 was page turning as the children realized the books were personalized to them. They will cherish this keepsake for years to come.

We are proud to have the Warrington Rotary in our community and grateful to be the recipients of your kindness.